6 proven ways to solve your fleet challenges

We know that as a fleet or transport manager you have one of the most complex roles within your organisation. The day to day challenges can be very time consuming, and the responsibility can feel overwhelming.

We recently conducted a survey with a selection of FORS members which highlighted common areas of concern. Armed with this information, we have created this range of short, easy to read PDF’s that are designed to help you not only reach and maintain your FORS standard, but will also assist you in other key areas of running a safe, happy and legally compliant fleet.

Current challenges

There are a range of common challenges that frequently arise when running fleets. Do you have paperwork flying everywhere? Are you worrying about high-risk drivers? Do you know for sure what defects need dealing with first? Are you trying to cope with an ever-increasing influx of data to manage and process?

This document gives you advice on practical solutions to all these problems and more.

Read time - 5 minutes

I couldn’t live without it now

Having paper and whiteboards eliminated from the situation, and our data centralised, has meant I can be 100% sure that all our vehicles are being constantly monitored and that no faults or defects are missed.

Mervyn Rolf, Logistics Manager, Swift Scaffolding Ltd

Driver engagement

Getting drivers engaged is imperative to ensure you are operating a safe and reliable fleet. A high turnover of drivers is also a very real issue for a lot of transport and haulage companies.

Exploring new ways to improve driver engagement is essential. This document outlines ten approaches that we recommend you try; many fleets we talk to that have recently adopted some or all of these methods are already having positive results.

Read time - 9 minutes

Our drivers are now safe and legal

Having the app in place has meant that all our drivers can complete their daily safety checks with ease. The support section imbedded in the app is a fantastic tool as our drivers can access all the support they need.

Carol Wright, Senior accounts manager, KH Engineering Services

Managing your compliance

If you are losing sleep over company compliance you are not alone. Having up to date legal policies and procedures, providing the correct information to all involved parties, building a clear audit trail of all driving and vehicle activity and protecting your company and its drivers is no small task.

This document is designed to provide guidance on the key health and safety areas you need to assess and implement within your organisation.

Read time - 4 minutes

Invaluable to our business

At the end of every day, I can now go home knowing that we’re 100% compliant.

Kristian Walton, Director, JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd

Fuel reporting

We all recognise that fuel is a major business overhead and can have a significant environmental impact. Automating fuel reporting can help you monitor how much fuel your fleet uses, allocate fuel against the relevant cost centres and get reliable mpg analysis at the touch of a button.

This document discusses the benefits of automated fuel reporting and why by adopting this recommendation, you end up with an automated report allowing you to concentrate on exceptions only. This in turn will not only help you manage your fuel consumption and control your associated costs it will easily demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact.

Read time - 7 minutes

I can be 100% sure that all our vehicles are being constantly monitored

Accurate fuel reporting tools and intuitive technology has helped me to monitor drivers’ behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits.

Mervyn Rolf, Logistics Manager, Swift Scaffolding Ltd

5 common mistakes

FORS accreditation can sometimes be daunting; being able to demonstrate that you have the right policies and procedures in place for gaining and maintaining your FORS accreditation can be time-consuming.

This document outlines five common mistakes operators make that can often result in audit failure and provides recommended actions you can take to reduce the risk of this happening.

Read time - 5 minutes

Very useful information

We are FORS Silver Accredited so this really helped with staying compliant and producing the necessary evidence for audit.

Nicola Hallam, Human resources manager, P and D Specialist Services Ltd

FORS Fleet Tools

FORS Fleet Tools, built in collaboration with FleetCheck, is a free online range of toolkits tailored and designed to support you as you progress through your FORS accreditation levels.

This document shows how FORS Fleet Tools provides a good starting point to help you demonstrate how you meet the specific safety and efficiency requirements needed to begin your FORS journey. But as you progress through this journey, the tools highlight the benefits of adopting the additional support available from FORS FMS.

Read time - 3 minutes

It’s a really great product

I couldn’t be happier. It has become a key part of our FORS system and has streamlined this process

Chris Ricketts, Fleet Manager, Land Sheriffs

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